Hand Banners by Digital Printing UV Inks

Hand Banners by Digital Printing UV Inks

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Product Description

Hand Banners by Digital Sublimation Printing UV Inks


Product Description


1.UV ink is quite sensitive to temperature. General suitable temperature is between 15 to 30

    degree.  Broken line and misting will appear if the temperature getting too low.

2. Before using ink should be mixing uniformity and then fill in the ink cartridge.

3. Ink supply system should be cleaned by UV cleaning solution before filling ink,and the

   cleaning solution must be the same brand products.

4. Keep out of the sun strictly for the printer ink supply system,and it's better come with

    cycle facility for each colour ink system.

5.Start pumping ink to clean print head to avoid ink precipitation every day.

6.Ink should keep in dark place,dry,far away from fire environment,keep in black and sealed


7.This product has some corrosiveness,so it should be with resistance to corrosion for the

    ink supply system, syring and other tools.

8. Cleaning and steeping by specialized cleaning solution if print head clogging.

9.It comes with special smell so the operating environment should keep ventilation.

10.Quality gurantee period: 6 months; available colour: C M Y K W, sun-proof grade: 7-8.

11.It is suitable for leather and other soft medium.

12.Apply to DX5,DX7 print head, LED light source,wave length: 395mm

13.Ink should be used in time after opening, sundries and dust  is forbidden into ink.

14. Wash by plenty of water if ink splashing into eyes or touching on skin.Go to hospital if

     the symptoms are serious. Some people touching ink directly will cause anaphylaxis.

15.In order to know ink character well, printer agency should provide complete training

     when installing for user.


For Epson LED UV flat printer

For Xaar-126 printer

For Konica mercury printer

For Konica 512 LED printer






*R&D independently, quality by self-control and cost-efficient.


*Fluency excellent: Long time simulation environment testing strictly, non condensing, non


layering, non precipitating phenomena.


*Ductility excellent: Flexible ink adapt to a variety of curved surfaces, such as leather, cloth,


film etc.


*Colour gamut broadly, bright and shining, expression well


*Non harmful volatile and pungent smell, safety and eco-friendly.


*Adhesion excellent, scrub resistance, corrosion resistance, gloss well,


Drying well, curing speed, non colour bleeding between each colours, non ghosting at the


edge, no obvious chromatic aberration.


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Epson DX4/DX5 printheads

1 / 5 / 20L

440ml cartridge




Konica/Spectra printheads

1 / 5 / 20L




Cleaning Solution

1 / 5 / 20L





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