Liquid photosensitive resin use for SLA

Liquid photosensitive resin use for SLA

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Liquid photosensitive resin use for SLA



3D fast getting into shape photosensitive resin -- Stereolithography SLA 


SLA(Stereolithography)technology is based on the photopolymerization theory of the liquid photosensitive resin to process. This kind of liquid material can happen photopolymerization reaction quickly under theirradiation of the  ultraviolet radiation with definitedwavelength and intension, such as λ=325nm. The molecular weight is augmented rapidly and the material is changed from liquid to solid state.


Stereolithography photosensitive resin with advanced technology of USA and high grade imported material.
· High durability
· Components: PP type 
·Upstanding borderline characteristic 
·First-class elongation at break 
·Minimum odor 


Apply to various imported and domestic SLA fast get into shape system. Using widly on autocar, medicine and consumed electric products. Including:
·Concept model 
· Function model 
·Exhibition model 
· RTV model

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