UV Ink

UV Ink

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Product Description

waterproof uv ink


Product advantages:


1--excluding volatile organic solvents, pollution damage to human body health, not small, the content of solid 100%, does not exist because of the volatile solvent and bring printing ink film thickness are not consistent problem

2-- uv ink not blocking nets, be helpful for fine products in the printing

3-- printing, don't worry about the damage to their solvent content, uv ink stable quality, dry ink film luster, and ink film wear-resisting, water resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance

4-- uv ink instantaneous dry, can organize the fast printing production line, greatly improving printing efficiency

5-- printing ink when save, solvent ink per kilogram of about 50 m2 seal, and uv ink in the same situation ca4n print 70 m2. UV ink is a kind of environmental printing ink, do not contain volatile components, such as solvent or water, will not make the colors and printing properties change. In the printing process UV ink easy maintain colour and viscosity stability, once in the printing ink before adjust, in the printing press the adjustment on the workload is very small, also do not need to add it



UV LED  ink  such as ink on glass, ink on metal, ink on textile and ink on plastic. The following is the printing result for the phone case. .




1. Printing on fabric, timber, glass, tile, metal, PVC foam, density board, KT board, plastic, films.

2. Directly printing, design for non-polar and smooth media, no coating needed.

3. Nice in brightness; Perfect in saturation; Gorgeous in expression

4. 100 % solid inks and VOC free with excellent adhesion


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